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About Us

Sekolah Woodlands Montessori

Schools with inclusive school organizers. Since 2016 began accepting children with special needs such as autism spectrum, and children with learning disabilities (learning disabilities) like ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Discalculia, and communication disorders.

Woodlands Montessori School is dedicated to developing the full potential of every child. Each potential is seen as an individual uniqueness that must be developed according to their interests and talents. By developing their interests and talents, will further develop confidence, children will develop their creativity through fields of interest such as; music, visual art/painting, cuisine/cooking, dance, drama, information and technology, literacy (writing stories/comics), vocals, graphical, robotic, athletic)

Values & Cultures:
We believe in working closely together as a strong team in order for our students to achieve their highest rates of progress. We all understand that the parents of our students are the most important part of the students’ team and their input, requests and concerns are highly respected, acknowledged and addressed whenever possible. We understand that our first priority is to build up confidence and self – esteem of each student despite their challenges. Goals set based on assessment which are indicated in the student’s IEP. IEP is reviewed and evaluated on regular basis and IEP is sent to the parents in advance of the IEP meeting so they have an opportunity to review the IEP and provide any input or request for additional goals. The most important facet of our values and cultures is to ensure that each child has a loving and nurturing environment and are loved and affirmed for who they are. We also provide an environment where our children’s abilities are acknowledged. The Woodlands Montessori School adheres to a Team-based approach, maintaining continuous and open communication with teachers, therapists, parents, students and division head.

School Facilities:
Our peaceful green environment school has swimming pool, student kitchen, learning spaces, computer room, auditorium with stage for performances, sensory room, active playground and basket ball court.


Our Educational Services

We provide full-time educational services to students with special concerns including learning difficulties, developmental & language delay, Asperger syndrome, Autism spectrum and children who require behavior support. We welcome all regardless of the nature of their abilities for we believe each of our student has the capacity to meaningfully participate in life
Woodlands Montessori educational services:

  • Early Intervention for early age children considered to be at risk for normal developmental milestones.
  • Primary and secondary academic school as well as providing life – skills and pre-vocational classes for older students who have reached their academic potential.

Our Vision

The Woodlands Montessori School offers Education with a Difference for children from early age to high school that aims to support and empower unique individuals to fully unfold their potential.

We acknowledge diversity that every child has unique characteristic, unique abilities and learning differences. We understand that parents with special child want to make sure that their child is still able to get the most out of their education. We, at Woodlands Montessori School provides an opportunity for every child to have the right for quality education, and committed to developing and maximizing learning potential of each student in a broad range of programs that appropriate to the needs of each child.